Looking for a genuine authentic experience for your family, colleagues, or friends at the time and day that suits you and your group? Why not rent one of our knowledgeable English speaking city, mountain, or outdoor adventure guides?

Perhaps you already know where you want to go to? Maybe you want to tell us first more about what you are looking for? Once you’ve chosen the trip or activity that meets your interests and expectations, we will hook you up with one of our guides. The more information we have in advance about your group, their interest, physical fitness, and expectations, the better we can design the trip and match you to your perfect guide.

We have guides with extensive knowledge of Bosnian nature, wildlife, our highland communities, current development needs, history, religion, geology/geography, forestry, mountain biking, rock climbing, tour skiing, photography and much more. Just tell us your interests and we will provide you with the best person for your trip or activity.

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