Our trips

Welcome to Green Visions. We invite you to join our pioneer movement towards socially responsible tourism development in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Green Visions has forged a new path in this sector with a harmonized approach to sustainable social and economic growth. Our philosophy is based on the principles of social enterprise: benefiting the common good and walking lightly on the earth. We have a commitment to the preservation and promotion of the cultural and natural heritage of these ancient lands and its people, making your holiday in Bosnia that much more unforgettable.

In an ever-changing world, the need for harmony amongst man and nature and between ecology and economy has never been greater. Our goal as Bosnia’s leading social business in the travel and sustainable development sector is to achieve that balance. The new traveler must be mindful of one’s impact on the environment as well as contributing to the economic well-being of local communities. At Green Visions, we strive to create ‘the perfect world’ for ecologically and socially minded travelers.

Our tours and development projects provide you, our guest, with an authentic experience of the majestic Dinaric highlands while providing local communities with vital social, spiritual and economic support to maintain their traditional lifestyles. One of the vital aspects of this support is the training and education of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s youth. Green Visions is dedicated to creating long-term, viable solutions in the ecotourism field for one of the region’s most vulnerable populations. Your visit helps us in helping them.

Our friendly laid back and professional service is what we pride ourselves on. Rest assured that your trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina with Green Visions will not only be a safe, fun, and fascinating one but a holiday that benefits the communities you visit as well.


  • Self-Guided Hiking or Cycling tours through the Central part of the Dinaric Alps & Via Dinarica long-distance trail
  • Easy or strenuous day and multiday treks in Sutjeska National Park
  • Stunning cross-country mountain biking trip along the ancient highland villages on Bjelasnica
  • Via Dinarica Adventures, hiking in two countries in 8 days
  • Summer outdoor adventure and volunteer camps for youth