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Environmental protection and eco-tourism often clash in developing countries. At Green Visions, we see the two as necessary partners in sustainable development and our projects. Our philosophy requires strong environmental practices, which we feel greatly enhance the responsible tourism experiences for our guests and provide a healthy and sustainable economy for the struggling highlanders and rural population. Green Visions is very active in protecting Bosnia and Herzegovina’s precious water and forest resources – two elements that have been extremely exploited since the peace accords in 1995. We believe that community activism and public awareness are key to promoting the most important issues facing our natural environment.

As leaders in this relatively new sector of tourism in post-war BiH, we see ourselves as the pioneers of a movement that will set the stage for long-term sustainable development.

The focus of our projects is on the rural and high mountain communities whose populations have been severely depleted due to the war and lack of social and economic means of survival. By “sustainable” we mean two things: preserving the ancient traditions that have allowed generation after generation to maintain healthy lifestyles and ecological harmony; and introducing new, modern methods of eco-tourism, farming, scientific research, and other economic endeavours that will not drastically change their traditional ways and allow them to maintain families and community development.