Our team

Meet our Green Visions Team of experienced guides and support staff who will lead you on an adventure of a lifetime through the great outdoors of Bosnia and the Western Balkans. Our expert guides and trip leaders are highly accomplished professionals, who know the region like the back of their hands and are the key to the success of every one of our trips. It’s our Green Visions team that gives us a leading edge over other operators in the Western Balkans!

  • Adis Rudalija
    Mountain Guide

    Adis was born in Sarajevo in 1989, a student whom the mountains and nature has always attracted and is newest addition to our Team.

  • Adnan Zimic
    Mountain Guide

    Adnan Zimić was born in 1989 in Sarajevo, B&H. He is an active mountaineer and conservation biologist with master's degree, specializing in the research of amphibians and reptiles. His interest in alpine ecosystems has been developed as a student of biology when he started to work on projects related to the protection of relict species. "The work for Green Visions gives me the opportunity to show and educate people about our natural beauties, endemic species and biodiversity - which is one of the highest in Europe. If you love wildlife, there's no way you will be bored with me.".

  • Alen Causevic
    Mountain Guide

    I was born and raised in Sarajevo. I work for Green Visions as a mountain guide and leader, mostly during the summer months, since 2008. High school and University years I spent studying abroad, at Boston, USA, which was my home for about 10 years. I love sports and played actively football, while I lived in the States. However, outdoor sports are my passion, such as hiking and biking. I've been attracted to the nature here in Bosnia and around Sarajevo, ever since I was a child. I also work as snowboard instructor during the winter months.

  • Azra Avdibegovic
    Operations and Office Manager

    Azra's appreciation and love of nature brought her to Green Visions. She has found a perfect combination of business and community development in her work. As Operations and Office Manager Azra provides us with much needed strategic, organizational and administrative support.

  • Azra Brkan
    Mountain Guide

    I was born and raised in small town in north part of Herzegovina, Konjic. As my town is surrounded with many beautiful mountains, hills, lakes and rivers, it's natural that I am a great lover of nature, and freak about hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities. I joined Green Visions Team in 2016 and that was one of the best things I've ever done. It's not only a job, but really great experience full of joy, adventure, and pleasure. Being a part of this team brings a lot of new interesting things into my life, everyone in this team is smart, energetic, adventurous and fun to work with, and we all share the same passion to nature.

  • Bakir Jahic
    Cultural and Mountain Guide

    Bakir Jahic is one of the newest addition to our team, who joined us in 2017. He is originally from Tuzla. As a student of architecture, he is very interested in research of old buildings and structures, but also history in general, especially of country he is born in, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He got "hiking bug" as a child walking and discovering mountain Konjuh near Tuzla with his parents. "Green Visions is fantastic way to learn more and discover country I live in. It connects my two passions hiking, enjoying in mountains and history and culture. Guiding, leading and meeting people from different countries of the world, gives me opportunity to learn about their traditions and cultures too. Beside mountaineering, I also enjoy playing basketball and table tennis."

  • Benjamin Mujkic
    Mountain Guide

    Benjamin Mujkic is member of our team for 6 years now. His enthusiasm, laugh and positive energy that comes out of him will get you immediately. Beside leading trips for Green Visions, through the year he is swimming instructor and skiing instructor in winter. He graduated at Faculty of Sport recently, and he is very avid outdoor person. Keen to learn and grab new experiences, he hiked and walked big part of newly established Via Dinarica trail, the one that stretch from Slovenia to Albania. Lukomir Highland Village is one of his favorite places, so if you're willing to explore this remote village, Benjamin is perfect person to visit this place with.

  • Branko Kovacevic
    Biking and Mountain Guide

    I am born in Sarajevo in 1988. I am a final year on journalism studies. Six years ago, I started to hike and explore mountains at Bosnia and Herzegovina. I fell in love in mountains after my first hike and since then I did not stop to explore them. Through my passion of hiking and mountain biking I got in contact with Green Visions and became part of this awesome team. I also work as a ski instructor during the winter.

  • Eldar Fazlagic
    Biking and Mountain Guide

    Eldar Fazlagić was born in 1981 and raised in Sarajevo. He fell in love to mountains and sport while he was a child. He graduated Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Sarajevo. Eldar participates in mountain biking and road cycling competitions. Also, he is an active skier, ski instructor and registered alpinist. He is an active member of search and rescue team for 14 years and registered mountain rescuer, specialized for helicopter rescue.

  • Elvira Hajdarevic
    Cultural and Mountain Guide

    I was born in 1990 in Sarajevo and became a Green Visions leader in 2016. That was the same year I got my Masters degree from University of Sarajevo in IT. I wasn't always a "nature freak" like I am today - there was a time I was not as much into mountains and I was spending many hours in front of computer. Spending more and more time in the mountains had a lot of influence on my lifestyle and my health: I was feeling better, healthier, had more energy and I was stress relieved. Nowadays, I enjoy many outdoor activities, such as hiking, trail running and snowboarding. One of my hobbies are filming nature and making short videos out of it as well.

  • Evelin Balta
    Cultural and Mountain Guide

    I was born and spent my childhood in Vareš, a small mountain community situated at the foot of the Mountain Zvijezda. Having the mountain right at my doorsteps it was natural that the hills, forest and valley became my playground from an early age on. Beside the love for the outdoors I am an enthusiastic traveler, love to see and learn about different cultures. That enthusiasm brought me to major Europe and world destination, where I discovered my passion for working as a guide. Now I am certified mountain guide, speak English and German fluently and happy to work with Green Visions. The work for Green Visions gives me the opportunity to enjoy a healthy environment and for all to guide and show all the beauties of Bosnia and the Balkans to our guests. Welcome!

  • Faruk Karabegovic
    Biking and Mountain Guide

    Faruk is one of those people who will instantly make you to fall in love with the mountains, sharing his passion and enthusiasm about them. He is professional flute player and for years he played in Sarajevo Symphonic Orchestra. During the war years in Bosnia he moved to Netherlands where he spent more than 10 years of his life. At that time on his bike he crossed, not only countries of Benelux, but also good part of Europe. He also traveled by bike to Bonn, Germany, birthplace of his favorite composer, Ludwig van Beethoven, to pay a tribute to him. There is even documentary about that event, filmed back in 2004 named "Symphony for a street Musician", which tells about his life at that moment as street musician, his love for classical music and life he left behind as professional musician. After his return to Bosnia, he became member of our team in 2008 and since that time he shares his passion for mountains with our guests, on bike or on foot.

  • Haris Ismic
    Cultural and Mountain Guide

    Born in 1994, at Suhodol, small place near Sarajevo. He is a student of Faculty of Criminology and Security Studies in Sarajevo. Big fan of outdoor activities, nature, mountains, biking, swimming and history. "Work as a Green Visions Leader, gives me the opportunity to enjoy a healthy environment, and more important to show and share all the beauties of Bosnia has, with our guests. Welcome and enjoy!"

  • Kenan Muslic
    Mountain Guide

    Born and raised in city center of Sarajevo in 1992, Kenan always wanted to find the way out of the crowded urban areas, and good thing that Bosnian mountains provide that in abundance and Green Visions is there to give that same escape to all it's guests and users. Long time active hiker and junior alpine climber, amateur landscape photographer, student of architecture, enthusiast in historical mythology, vinyl records collector and since recently mountain guide for Green Visions.

  • Lejla Terzic
    Mountain Guide

    Lejla, a native of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a certified mountain guide by Mountaineering Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina and UIAA standards (Official International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation, partner of the International Olympic Committee) and she has been guiding and leading trips with Green Visions for the past 8 years. Lejla is one of few people, for now, who had a chance to hike the whole Via Dinarica route (from Slovenia to Albania), which is becoming more and more interesting to visitors of this area. She is an architect, who is from birth, thanks to her parents, passionately in love in outdoors and hiking.

  • Loren Keserovic
    Biking and Mountain Guide

    The biggest passions of mine are hiking and cycling. Adventure has never been away from my week schedule and I think I will never have enough of it. Beside being active Mountain Hiking and Biking Leader with Green Visions for last 2 years, I am member of the NGO "Giro di Sarajevo" which is promoting urban cycling in Sarajevo, trying to force local government to provide cyclists with better infrastructure. As a member of Mountain Rescue Service, I guess you should be safe while hiking/biking with me. Apart from that, I am starting up a company that is manufacturing smart electric bicycles. When the time comes for it, I want to be able to say that I lived life to the fullest and regret nothing. Our time here is limited, therefore I believe that we owe it to ourselves to have as much fun as possible. After all, is there anything better than a good hike or bike ride filled with breathtaking views?

  • Lorenc Konaj
    Cultural and Mountain Guide

    Having jumped into the outdoors at the age of seven Lorenc became more than passionate about (fell in love with, actually) the environment and pristine wilderness in what was then known as the country of Yugoslavia. He soon discovered his other joy in life, that of sharing the beauty of the region with all those visiting this little corner of the globe - a place rich in culture, history and gorgeous nature. Lorenc is a Certified Mountain Guide, Travel Guide and trained Park Ranger, member of a Mountain Rescue Team, and has been leading Green Visions trips since 2000. When not leading trips, Lorenc is involved in training Green Visions tour leaders and mountain guides. His other interests include Transcendental Meditation, nutrition and the environment, and he received his degree from the Maharishi European Research University, Switzerland in the Science of Creative Intelligence.

  • Nedim Priganica
    Mountain Guide

    Born in 1988 and grew up in Sarajevo. I graduated from Faculty of Science and Mathematics on Geography department. My knowledge as that I acquired as a geographer gives me the possibility to apply it in nature. I like nature, history and cultural heritage, particularly those of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I enjoy hiking and this activity gives me the chance to meet new and interesting people and their cultures. Traveling is my passion and I'm always interested in learning about other countries.

  • Ognjen Cihoric
    Mountain Guide

    Born in 1982 in Sarajevo. Graduated Communication, Journalism at the Faculty of Political Sciences. My two great passions are mountains and fitness, lately also a sport climbing. I love nature and animals. With my writing and photographs I try to get closer the beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina to people of different nations. Thanks to the Green visions I can do what I love to do.

  • Sabina Redzovic
    Biking and Mountain Guide

    Sabina was born and raised in Sarajevo. Graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and worked for a while as an engineer. Ever since a very young age she has been a big fan of wandering around nature. Thus hiking and biking routes around Sarajevo have made her know her homeland and local people in an unique way. The cycling paths & trails in the Western Balkans link many natural wonders and heritage sites, and for Sabina, they have been a great way of meeting people and cultures. She is a passionate traveler, cyclist and runner always ready to embark on unexpected journeys. Visiting Iceland was, one of her, dream come true experiences.

  • Sabina Sirco
    Cultural and Mountain Guide

    I am born and raised in Sarajevo, in the family of passionate mountaineers and travelers. Having that in mind,and the fact that Sarajevo is surrounded with mountains, I spent quite a lot of time of my childhood exploring our beautiful nature. Also, I spent all my summers in my grandparents house at Mt. Majevica playing with goats and rabbits and learning about the agriculture. I joined Green Visions team because I love spending as much time as I can in the nature and I want to help in promoting and developing environmental awareness, love of nature and the need to preserve a healthy environment of Bosnia and Herzegovina and region. Because of that I have also started my own blog www.wildinthebalkans.com.

  • Samer Hajric
    Mountain Guide

    Samer is originally from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarajevo continues to be his home to this day. He is a certified mountain guide by Mountaineering Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina and UIAA standards (Official International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation, partner of the International Olympic Committee), and has a degree in Sociology. He has been guiding Green Visions mountain trips for 22 years now. When not leading trips, Samer is involved in development of new outdoor adventure itineraries. Exodus Travels is one of the biggest companies in UK offering different outdoor and cultural itineraries worldwide. Since Green Visions is Exodus local partner for Bosnia and Herzegovina, we run five different programs for Exodus Travels. Samer is through the season mostly involved in leading their Hiking in Bosnia & Snowshoeing in Bosnia programs. As a recognition for his work, he was honored to be elected as best Exodus Leader for 2013 in competition of more than 800 Exodus worldwide leaders. “In year 2000 was my first touch with magical world of the mountains. My passion for the mountains and the rigours of the outdoors, combined with the warm-heartedness of the local people, left an indelible impression on me. It is my great pleasure to share with you this part of the world and area which takes special place in my heart – the Dinaric Alps."

  • Thierry Joubert
    Managing Partner

    Thierry Joubert is the managing partner in Green Visions, and has been living in Sarajevo for more than two decades. Originally from Curaçao, the Dutch territory in the Caribbean, he arrived in the Balkans in 1992. After working eight years on various humanitarian and development projects he started Green Visions with group of friends, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s first ecotourism company. Apart from running the day-to-day operations of Green Visions, Thierry currently coordinates the activities of the Via Dinarica Alliance, a group of private adventure tourism companies, which work together to share and promote the beauty of the Via Dinarica. Via Dinarica is the world’s newest mega-hiking trail, chosen as best destination in 2017 by National Geographic Traveler. The route covers nearly 2,000 kilometers and connects countries from Slovenia, through Croatia and Bosnia, all the way to Macedonia. Thierry is also avid cyclist, nature lover and constant motivator, leading by his own example.