BHeart Immersive Experience of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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This summer, between July 20th and August 2nd, Green Visions in partnership with BHeart, a non-profit organization based in the U.S., are offering a unique travel study program in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The program is open to students and young adults, aged 17-27, from the US and all over the world. The travel study program will provide an immersive student experience by combining eco-tourism, guest lectures, workshops, volunteer work, adventure, and fun activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

NOTE: The deadline for booking the tour is June 10.



  • July 20, 2022 - July 29, 2022
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  • Program participants will be mentored by international scholars and university professors Azra Hromadžić, Cultural Anthropologist and Professor, Syracuse University and Senada Šelo Šabić, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Development and International Relations Zagreb.
  • Visit six beautiful cities (Sarajevo, Mostar, Jajce, Travnik, Banja Luka and Bihać), several mountains and villages and some of the country’s most stunning rivers
  • Participate in lectures on BH’s socialist and antifascist past, war destruction and post-war reconstruction, resilience and resistance, transnational migration, environmental and other issues, led by academics, journalists, government officials, activists, and nature enthusiasts
  • Meet and engage in discussions with other youth from around the globe
  • Engage in volunteer work in the community
  • Explore and enjoy the country’s breathtaking nature (including hiking and rafting) as well as the rich cultural and social life

20 July Zagreb Arrival

Zagreb Arrival, transfer to Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dinner / Hotel Opal, Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

21 July Bihac, Strbacki buk & Drvar

Full day in Bihac. 

Lectures for the day:

- 3hr lecture on Peace and Conflict in Bihac, with a walking tour of the main historical sites in the city (9:30 AM -12:30 PM);
- 1.5 hr lecture on Environment, Ecotourism, and Activism (3 PM-4:30 PM); 
- 1.5 hr Ethnographic exercise and reflection (5 PM-6:30 PM)

Full day in Bihac with a visit of Tito's cave in Drvar & Una National Park, Strbacki buk in afternoon hours

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner / Hotel Opal, Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

22 July Banja Luka & Jajce

Full day in Banja Luka and old fortress of Kastel, early evening arrival to Jajce and Pliva lakes complex

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner / Hotel Pliva lakes, Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina

23 July Jajce & Mostar

Morning in Jajce with a visit of middle age fortress, and journey to Mostar, late afternoon arrival to Mostar

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner / Hotel Almira, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

24 July Mostar

Full-Day in Mostar; Topics: identity and conflicts/perceptions. A presentation and walking tour in Mostar with a focus on cultural identity and how and why the Mostar old bridge is regarded differently by people from different ethnic groups + guest speaker

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner / Hotel Almira, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

25 July Neretva Rafting

Transfer to Konjic with Neretva Rafting & swimming in the River.
Late Afternoon transfer to Tusila village, Dom Vrela

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner / Mountain Hut Vrela, Tusila village, Bosnia and Herzegovina

26 July Hike in and around Umoljani village

Tusila Village Overnight, Topics: environment, rural life, culture/traditions, natural system. Field visit to Umoljani village. An opportunity to see how people live in rural Bosnia. Overnight in a local hut and eat locally prepared food and discuss the effects man has on the environment and fragile ecosystem. We'll do a 3-hour walk to Studeni Potok (Stream). + guest speaker

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner / Mountain Hut Vrela, Tusila village, Bosnia and Herzegovina

27 July Sarajevo

Sarajevo Discovery, Topics: war and some post-war. Tour and discussion about the last armed conflict, the siege in Sarajevo, visit the tunnel etc. Discussion with people who experienced the war. + guest speaker

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner / Hotel Cosmopolit, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

28 July Sarajevo

Day in Sarajevo. Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina through the centuries, tour and discussion with the local historian. Discussions with leaders from the government and non-governmental sector.

Breakfast / Hotel Cosmopolit, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

29 July Sarajevo Departure

Sarajevo Departure, transfer to Sarajevo International Airport



Fact File

The main goal of the program is to provide a holistic and immersive student experience of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s social, political, cultural, and natural environment while engaging in physical and volunteer activities.  This experience will allow participants to not only “discover” BH in its complexity, but to reflect on and examine their own worldview, biases, and way of life. Participants will be encouraged to look at both BH and the US in a comparative light, allowing them to realize that their way of life is one among many, but is also connected to all others.

We want you to take off your lenses, open your eyes and immerse yourself in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are confident that at the conclusion of this transformative program, you will leave Bosnia and Herzegovina with a fuller heart, a more open mind, some answers and many more questions… 

What is included: Transportation during the entire trip with 20+1 MiniBus (including Airport transfers); Fully equipped English speaking Tour Leader / Guide & BHeart Staff member; Accommodation for 13 nights; Meals specified in the itinerary; City tours & sightseeing at Sarajevo, Mostar & Blagaj with all entrance fees, Trebevic Cable Car entrance fees, Neretva Rafting with all safety gear & VAT.

What is not included: Flights to Zagreb, Croatia & from Sarajevo, Bosnia; Meals not specified in the itinerary; International travel insurance; Optional tipping to leader, guides and local staff; Souvenirs and items of a personal nature (sodas, alcoholic beverages, laundry, etc.); Single Supplement, 195EUR (NOT available in Tusila village at Mountain Hut Vrela for 3 nights); Any items not specifically mentioned in the program.