Paul Treadwell - Private Sutjeska & Tara Tour

Hiking & Rafting Adventure in Bosnia (4 days)
Hiking & Rafting

03/07/2020 Transfer Dubrovnik to Sutjeska Park, with Hike at Cemerno mountain pass
3hrs transfer to Sutjeska National Park
Moderate walk / 3-4hrs walk / 350Δh / 9Km
Tjentiste Villas Tjentiste (B&B) L 20+1 MiniVan GV Leader

04/07/2020 Ascent of Maglic Mountain (2,386m), highest peak
in Bosnia and Herzegovina or Hike to Trnovacko
lake (in case of bad weather conditions)
1hr transfer to Lokva Derneciste
Challenging walk / 6-7hrs walk / 800Δh / 11Km or
Moderate walk / 4-5hrs walk / 450Δh / 10Km
Tjentiste Villas Tjentiste (B&B) B, L 20+1 MiniVan GV Leader

05/07/2020 Tara Rafting 1hr transfer to Rafting Camp
3-4 hours of Tara Rafting, class II-IV rapids
2hrs afternoon transfer to Sarajevo
Sarajevo Pension Kandilj or Hotel Ada (B&B)
B, L 20+1 MiniVan GV Leader

06/07/2020 Transfer back to Dubrovnik (with a lunch break at
Mostar) 5hrs transfer to Dubrovnik B 20+1 MiniVan GV Leader