Julian Weithold Private Sutjeska National Park Tour (7days)

Great hiking on the lush green slopes of Zelengora mountain range, exquisite views of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s rugged border, and climb Maglić, the highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina!


  • September 24 - 30, 2023
24 Sep Departure from Vrela Hut, transfer to Sutjeska National Park and hike to Kladopoljsko lake 2.5hrs transfer to Obalj village
Moderate walk / 5-6hrs walk / 550Δh / 15Km
1hr transfer to Tjentiste valley at Sutjeska Park
25 Sep Morning transfer to tranquil lake of Donje Bare, ascent to Ugljesin peak (1,858m) 1hr transfer to Donje Bare lake
Moderate walk / 4-5hrs walk / 400Δh / 9Km
26 Sep Volujak Mountain ascent (2,336m) 45min transfer to Cemerno pass
Challenging walk / 5-6hrs walk / 1,000Δh / 13Km
27 Sep Ascent of Maglic Mountain (2,386m) via Prijevor, circulary back over Trnovacko lake 1hr transfer to Prijevor
Challenging walk / 9hrs walk / 850Δh / 14Km
28 Sep Departure for Sarajevo, with Ascent of Trebevic (1,627m) Olympic Mountain above Sarajevo, for best view of the city from above 2.5hrs morning transfer to Sarajevo
Moderate walk / 4-5hrs walk / 450Δh / 12Km
15min transfer to Sarajevo Old town
29 Sep Free Day in Sarajevo on your own  
30 Sep Transfer to Sarajevo International Airport 20min transfer to Sarajevo Airport